Our Publications

We have published Tofazzal Hossain Manik Mianand Masood-ul-Haq’s Twenty Years of United Pakistan and RAW and CIA: From East Pakistan to Bangladesh. These books were published in Bengali language in Bangladesh. Newline has the honor to publish Urdu translation of these books in the 1990s that were published by Gautam Publishers, an imprint of Newline. Similarly, we have published the novella of Noor Muhammad Tarakai, Afghanistan’s progressive leader, after translating it from the Pashto to the Urdu. Another major publication from Newline was Budh Parkash’s book on Raja Porus, published after the permission from Patiala University of Indian Punjab. The book was published in Pakistan under the title “Poros the great”. We asked former Federal Minister of Interior, author and Senator Chaudhry Etizaz Ehsan to write the preface for the Pakistani edition. That book was published with an index too.

Travels of an Admiral, Ancient Lahore, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, The Annexation of the Punjab, Punjab Revisited, and Sindh Observed originally had been published seventy to hundred and fifty years ago. Newline has republished them after adding new prefaces, notes, and maps. Similarly we have published Urdu translation of a book on internal migration in South Asia under the title Janobi Asia Meen Androni Muhajrat originallypublished by Sage publications India.

In 2012, we published Professor H.E. Vincenzo Prati, the Italian ambassador to Pakistan. The book was originally written in the Italian language but it was translated into English by his daughter, a resident of the USA. The book covers the post-Cold War world politics. Recently, Newline has published Madho Lal Hussain: Lahore di Vel, a Punjabi novel of ideas on Lahore’s history that is being acknowledged worldwide. The book is ready for publishing in the Gurumukhi script of the Punjabi language so that Punjabi readers of Gurumukhi script (spread in UK, US, Canada)can also have access to the novel. That novel won Dhahan International Award (Second Prize worth $5000) in 2014. The prize was awarded by the Canada India Education Society in partnership with the University of British Columbia. These are some of our achievements in the field of literature, history, and politics.