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What we are teaching our children
What we are teaching our children?


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Study & research

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What we are teaching our Children

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Politics of Language, Dialect & Script: A case of Punjabi

بولیاں، لہجیاں، لِپیّاں دی سیاستاں

پاکستانی زباناں اتے پارلیمانی کمیشن

جلیانوالہ باغ قتلام لوک لہراں ول اُلار

گھلدے ادارے تے تاجا حوالدار


Tackling hate speech

Unsung hero: Islam ul Haq

Jamil Omar’s revolutionary road

Our anti-Punjab clamour — 1

Our anti-Punjab mayhem — II

Media and hate speech

Sufi-statesman: Mollana Ubaid Ullah Sindhi

first person Rational Islam: Interview of Professor Francis Christopher Rowland Robinson by Aamir Riaz


کیا پاکستان بائیں بازو کی تاریخ کا قرض اتار پائے گا 

نیا سال، نیا بیانیہ اور عالمی تناظر

تعصب ہمارے نصاب میں

گیارہ اگست کی تقریر کے گواہ

1941 Census of Lhore, Some facts to understand change in politics after 1920s in the Punjab

Hidden Facts: From Cabinet Mission to Pakistan

Politics, Extremism,Religion, Education, Textbooks & Youth…Myth and Reality

Some Book Reviews

The real Jinnah: Jinnah and Tilak Comrades in the Freedom Struggle Author: A.G.Noorani

The victim of the great game: His Majesty’s Opponent Subhas Chandra Bose and India’s Struggle against Empire By Sugata Bose

The eerie twins: The Longest August — The Unflinching Rivalry Between India and Pakistan

Story of a Pakistani communist: Leaving the Left Behind Author: Syed Jamaluddin Naqvi

The spectre of communism

Master of restraint: One Life is Not Enough Author: K. Natwar Singh

Religion of the street: Journey to God: Sufis and Dervishes in Islam

Debunking myths: Pakistan: A Hard Country By Anatol Lieven

Riddles and facts: Pakistan:Terrorism Ground Zero

Justifying absurdities: Decision Points By George W. Bush

A reluctant progressive: Tony Blair’s memoirs “A journey”

The matchless politician: Shaheed Suhrawardy: with a brief account of his life and work


Speakers for evolving counter narrative to fight terrorism Dawn

Tribune, Study findings: ‘Textbooks full of gender, urban biases’