Robbery in the Palace (Short Stories)

Robbery in the palace (Short Stories)

By Omer shamil

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The stories by Omar Shamil reveal imaginative and sensitive encounters of both the heart and the mind of a profoundly aware young person-of 21st century possibilities. He weaves stories that are innocent, inspirational, ordinary and extraordinary. Omar Shamil through his stories is clearly enjoying the experience, selecting multiple contexts and not hampered by any standard story length which is a refreshing trait.  May this young natural author blossom into a promising writer attracting many others like him to experiment, write boldly creating a genre of writing by and for children.  Looking forward to his next volume already


Baela Raza Jamil Founder -Director Children’s Literature Festival (CLF)


By Omer shamil
By Omer shamil

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I am Omer Shamil and I study in Lahore Grammar School. I want to thank my parents at first because they supported me the most; they gave me the inspiration to write books and also motivated me to read more books, especially my father. Initially I was just writing the first story for a children’s newspaper, but I continued on writing more.


I specially want to thank Aamir Riaz uncle who helped me in publishing the book and arranged artists for exactly the kind of sketches I wanted to have for my stories & the book. Special thanks to Uncle Saeed also for his words of encouragement and for reviewing my stories.

Thanks to all my creative writing teachers, especially my sixth grade teacher because that was the point I had a lot of stories in my brain.

My journey to write the book “Robbery in the palace and other stories” was hard and full of drama and it took me three years to write this book.

Omer Shamil

28 Oct 2015, Lahore